Funny pictures in the internet are often not the effect of the coincidence but amateur modifications within simple graphic programs. Based on this many memes can be created – funny pictures with a caption, that is why it is worth to be aware with the topic.

Even if we don’t have a talent for creating our own modifications, although such a ,,correction” of our friends’ photos could be a charming present, it is worth visiting sites where we can find thousands of such photos. At first we often see the original photo and under it many modifications. There was a time when a ,,canny woman from Radom” was a famous and great topic for modifications but on the sites we can find also the photos of completely unknown people. Photo modifications are connected mainly with the famous people – actors, singers or models. When it comes to interesting events from the politics world there are sometimes photo parodies with the politicians’ faces.

Parodies of the photos are made by cutting out rather accurately the figure of a specific person out of the photo and pasting it into the completely different background. This way a person who sleeps for example in a different position can shoot goals next to David Beckham or swim with the dolphins.

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